Teak Shower Seat – the best choice for your bathroom

Modern design has brought a lot of innovations when it comes to furnishing the bathroom. Today, classic ceramic sanitary ware and tiles are used less than before, while wood and glass are dominant in bathroom design. Luckily, invaluable warmth and beauty of wood in a bathroom is a dream that you can now make come true without any fear regarding wood furniture damage, swelling or cracking. The solution is called the teak shower seat.

Teak is a deciduous tree often used for exclusive outdoor furniture, decking, boat and ship parts and lately more and more often for bathroom flooring and furniture. The reason is simple: it has technical characteristics especially suitable for these kinds of purposes. It is interesting that, ideally, a teak tree should be at least 40 years old if we want the wood to have the best possible characteristics it can achieve.

However, the new technology has enabled us to get a good quality of teak wood after only 10 years. This is why teak tree products have recently become less expensive and more and more people can afford to have a teak shower seat, bathroom floor, bathroom cabinets and other details in humid areas made from this beautiful type of wood. Keep on reading and find out why teak shower seat is the best choice you can make when it comes to your bathroom furnishing.

Benefits of using teak shower seat in your bathroom

This beautiful, rather expensive and exclusive wood has some excellent and rare physical and technical features which make it suitable for the wet, humid, and hot environment. These include:

  1. The teak tree contains a high oil content and this is the reason why it is very resistant to different weather conditions. Furthermore, high oil ratio is responsible for its high elasticity. Another great advantage of such a high oil content is great resistance to the insect attacks.
  2. A Teak shower seat will tolerate water better than any other wood. If you opt for a natural material shower seat, there is no better solution than teak.
  3. The Teak shower seat can tolerate heat, i.e. high temperature, as well as temperature changes.
  4. If you choose this type of wood for your shower seat, you will not have to change it any soon, as teak wood is resistant to cracking and bending.
  5. These types of shower seats are usually very adjustable, foldable and convenient. There are classic, chair-like seats and models which can be mounted to the shower wall. The latter folds-up against the wall completely flat if installed properly.

To sum it up, the teak shower seat is a natural, aesthetically valuable and pleasing choice when it comes to furnishing this important part of your bathroom. It is very durable and moisture and temperature-resistant. It doesn’t require lots of maintenance, which is unusual for wood, especially in a humid environment. It will transform your bathroom into a pleasant, warm oasis if combined with other teak wood furniture pieces.

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