Decorative Door Stops to Match the Decor

Door stops are considered the most functional hardware devices. Since they are not placed in prominent places like other curios, we often choose the simplest and cheapest options available on the market. But with the latest trend in decorative door stops you will find a vast variety to choose from (homerises). Whether you are just adding a few accessories or giving your home a complete makeover, here are some of the categories and themes of door stops that will interest you.

Different types of decorative door stops

Brass wedges – These are the most common types of door stops They are wedges made from brass and are slipped under the door so that it prevents the door from swinging. Brass door wedges are available in various themes like flowers, animals, birds, cartoon characters, movie-poster themes, globes, and more.

Motifs – For those who are fond of specific motifs there are many varieties to choose from. Some of these motifs or symbols include the Sphinx, a bar of gold, a monkey’s fist, famous monuments, punch-bag, ice cream cones, a car, boat, log, a key, antique designs, and many more.

Soft toys – Decorative door stops that look like soft toys are also very popular, especially for children’s rooms. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes so that you can choose the ones that match the theme of the kid’s room.

Advantages of using decorative door stops

The fact that your door stop prevents the door from swinging is its functionality. But when you use decorative door stops they add to the aesthetic value of the room. When the door stop is fixed behind the door it prevents the door from banging into the wall and damage the wall surface. When fixed in front it stops the door from shutting.

If you have small children in the house one of the kiddies-themed decorative door stops will serve a dual purpose too. It will also prevent the children from jamming their little fingers when the door slams shut in the breeze. Also, children are naturally mischievous and curious so if they try to fidget with the door and get hurt in the process they will be distressed. But a decorative door stop that has their favorite motif will prevent them from attempting to close the door and hurting themselves.

Another way in which decorative door stops has double benefits is when the size of the door stop is large enough for the kids to sit on it. For example, if you buy a door stop that has a seat-like shape and cover it with a striped rug, the kids can use it as a playing seat while it keeps the door from slamming shut.

While choosing decorative door stops you have to complement the theme of the room. For the master bedroom, an antique-look wedge will look great. While one of the cartoon-character themes will suit a children’s bedroom very well. Let’s not forget the balcony or verandah doors. Any contemporary door stop that blends with the decor will do for these doors.

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