DIY Creative Ideas with a Black Towel Rack

The black towel rack is an item at home whose purpose everyone recognizes. It has a designated spot and is usually used to de-clutter the bathroom. When you see one you know there will be a drying towel or dried towels stacked up on it. But with a little imagination, you can convert this mundane utility-only item into something more interesting. Here are a few DIY creative ideas with a black towel rack that you might want to try out when you are in a mood to experiment:

Bathroom organizer – You can hand wire or cane baskets from the towel rack rods and keep your toiletries. The ordinary towel rack will look more decorative and the toiletries will not need extra space on the shelves or cabinet.

Kitchen organizer – If you need extra storage space for your pots and pans you need not buy a new rack. If you have a black towel rack handy, just fix it on the kitchen wall and arrange your vessels on them. It will double as a drying board too.

Wardrobe organizer – In the wardrobe, the towel rack can be used to hang scarves, belts, ribbons, sashes, ties, etc. These items need to be placed in a vertical position in the wardrobe or they will get creases, hence, the black towel rack is the perfect place to hang them.

Cleaning agents storage – If you do not have a specific place for washing machine or dishwasher detergents, cleaning agents, fabric conditioners, etc. it is time you fixed a black towel rack at a convenient place so that all the cleaning agents are stored in one place.

Cosmetic rack – Having a separate dressing table with a long mirror is every woman’s dream. But some of us have limited space and have to find alternatives to keep the cosmetics we use daily within easy reach. A wall-mounted black towel rack can be lined with non-slip silicone mats and your cosmetics can be placed on the rack.

Minibar – Even if your condo is small you can still have the luxury of having a bar at home. Just hang a black towel rack in the kitchen alongside the cabinets and stack your favorite vintages and a few glasses.

Stationery and crafts rack – Being organized with your stationery or crafts supplies is a good idea. If everything you need is in one place, you won’t have to hunt around for scissors, needles, wrapping papers, duct tape, staplers, etc. when you need them urgently.

Garage rack – This is the most innovative idea for using a black towel rack. You can keep anything on it like gardening supplies, house repair and car repair tools, gumboots, etc. that you would prefer not to keep inside the house.

The classic black towel rack can be used in many, many more different ways. These are just a few ideas that I have thought of. Maybe you will come up with some more innovative uses for the racks to suit your requirements. Black – Towel Holders / Bathroom Accessories…
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