What are the Various Decorative Wall Clocks to Choose?

Decorative Wall Clocks are meant to spice up your room and work as an aesthetic wall-decor accessory other than as a timekeeper. When you choose a beautiful wall clock, it can help deck up your room and improve the decor as much as possible. Here are some of the decorative clocks for walls that can be used at home as well as used as gifts.

Subject Wall Clocks

Such types of timekeepers are designed to remember a particular topic. These can be in the shape of various creatures, like lions and bears. You can also find beautiful butterfly shaped wall clocks or those in the shape of a guiding wheel or even foods such as apple or bun. There are sport subject clocks as well, which are a favorite with people who love games and athletic events. There are themed wall clocks as well, such as those with Victoria station theme or Paddington theme.

Kids’ Wall Clocks

These decorative wall clocks come with kid themes, such as showing dial wall clocks. Disney clocks featuring popular Disney characters such as Mickey or Minnie Mouse, Goofy or Donald Duck are quite famous, and are loved by children who like watching Disney TV shows or reading Disney Comics strips. There are nature themed clocks as well, such as stars, sun or snow, which can make great gifts for children.

Motivational / Religious Wall Clocks

Often, wall clocks come with wonderful images of religious figures or spiritual quotes or motivational lyrics or messages that can help inspire people. Some of these have Roman or Arabic numerals as well. Such types of clocks are decorated with vibrant but soothing colors that remind owners of spiritual themes or accounts from holy books. These come in stylish designs as well, which make them a perfect fit for traditional as well as contemporary homes. It is appropriate to hang these types of clocks in prayer rooms, living rooms or even in bedrooms.

Ornamental Wall Clocks

These decorative wall clocks are designed for people who wish to decorate their homes in an ornamental way. You can find clocks that work as date-books, come with gold pivoting pendulum or have glass pendulums in well cut glass cases. Such types of clocks are enlivening and play a big role in beautifying homes.

Business Wall Clocks

Such types of clocks are meant for corporate ambiences, such as offices and workplaces. These have tough and powerful elements such as metal cases, 24-hour show, white foundation and more. These are most appropriate for office spaces.

Flower-printed Wall Clocks

Such types of wall clocks have a curvaceous design similar to flowers such as tulips and can be found in Victorian style. It is possible to find vintage pieces that are constructed out of metal and are shaped in a similar fashion. There are Flower and Herb clocks that can remind you of a specific season. There are designer black flower decorative wall clocks that have a cool appearance, and can be hung on white painted walls.

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