Metal Toilet Paper Holder

The roll of toilet paper should be placed at an acceptable height to be handled by adults and children. It should be noted that the Metal Toilet Paper Holder also allows you to quickly see the rest of the available in the case.

Nowadays, with the new materials, the Metal Toilet Paper Holder has become a modern and design object. No longer has time for the wood roll, it has a modern tool that offers additional functionality for the simple unwinding of paper.

If you are paying attention to the decoration of your home, you can play at the hardware store to make a difference in terms of appearance. The Metal Toilet Paper Holder is the same when playing in a modern and functional style, it will bring a decorative touch to a particular place. If your bathroom has a toilet and it is large enough, you can also add a folding table to bring comfort in this room.

Double Brass Toilet Paper Holder
Modern Double Brass Toilet Paper Roll Holder

What style of Metal Toilet Paper Holder to choose?

With the arrival of new materials, such as brushed steel or even concrete, you will find roller doors that can adapt to your interior. Here is the current trend range in this type of product.

Steel toilet roll holder:

In a modern and orderly look, the steel roll holder is practical and functional. You have, of course, easily accessible toilet paper roll. That is also supported where you can put your mobile phone or your keys, for example. Note that it allows all roll sizes, even those with five thicknesses that are often large in diameter. The product is available in various colors, from black to glossy aluminum. Metal toilet paper holder is a device used to hold and dispense rolls of toilet paper. It is typically made of metal and can be mounted on a wall or placed on a countertop. Metal toilet paper holders come in various designs and finishes, such as chrome, stainless steel, and brushed nickel, to complement different bathroom styles.

The vintage toilet roll:

If your interior is rustic and old-style, and if you have placed a vintage LED bulb in your bathroom, keep the same look with the paper support.

Brass Toilet Paper Holder
Vintage Brass Toilet Paper Holder

A model to fix on the wall with pegs, editing is a bit difficult, but if you take the time, you will get there. Keep in mind that to place the paper you must release spring to slide the toilet paper. We like the finished look in oiled bronze, really very vintage.

Stainless steel roll holder:

Stainless steel remains a pleasant and modern material. By placing this Metal Toilet Paper Holder, you will give your toilet a surgical and clean touch. Here we like the mobility of the roll holder that allows using without blocking the unwinding of the paper. To be fixed also with anchors for plasterboard. Simple and design support.

Stainless steel Toilet Paper Holder
Double Stainless Steel Recessed Toilet Paper Holder

The storage roll holder.

Metal toilet paper holders are a popular choice for bathrooms because they are durable, easy to clean, and can match other metal fixtures in the room. They also come in a range of styles to fit different aesthetics and personal preferences. Metal Toilet Paper Holder is original, beautiful and very functional support. With its storage compartment, you can place additional rolls, such as paper tissues.

Enjoy the tablet to play in the decoration of this room, for example, place a led candle to give a relaxing and pleasant tone.

A Metal Toilet Paper Holder allows you to place a magazine there for those who like to read in this place. It is a beautiful piece of furniture to fix or stick to the wall. You can also give a specific touch with a curtain for those who have the soul of a seamstress.

Metal Toilet Paper Holder
Cascade Iron Co
Each metal toilet paper holder is fabricated in the US with 1"x 1/4" thick flat bar steel. It measures 6" in length and 3.75" out from the wall with a 1" front …

Toilet Paper Holder Stand
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