Keep your table in style with the 120 Inch Table Runner:

A 120 Inch Table Runner is a rectangular piece of cloth that is placed on the table to decorate or to be used as a tablecloth. It is longer than a single tablecloth and the width may vary. Depending on how long and wide it is, you can decorate table runners with different colors or place them diagonally on the table to provide a contrast in color or protect the surface of the table when placing vases or any type of decoration.

Give a touch of color and style to your table with this beautifully designed tablecloth.

A 120 Inch Table Runner can be the perfect element to dress your dining table. It is simple, beautiful and can adapt to any style of home. We find traditional table runners made with crochet and other more modern and minimalist.

They are not just a substitute for a tablecloth. They can also be combined with traditional tablecloths. And you can play with different tones to create very original sensations.

You could say that the dining table is the meeting point of a family or a group of friends. It is the place reserved to enjoy and share food and drink.

Tips for having a good 120 Inch Table Runner:

The dining table is the most outstanding piece of a dining room. The chairs are your best compliment but what we put on it will be what stands out.

Cotton Linen Table Runner|
Cotton Linen Table Runner

A table can be fun, sober, elegant, romantic, bland, beautiful, ornate, cold, etc. All this will depend not only on the tablecloth but also on the cutlery, glasses, and crockery in general.

Above the 120 Inch Table Runner, you can place plates and dishes. They can be placed both along and across the table. It will always depend on the dimensions with which we work.

Different textures are used, from cotton, esparto, silk, linen or synthetic fabric. The most common measures found in stores range between 40 and 50 centimeters wide and between 1.50 and 2 meters long.

Why buy 120 Inch Table Runner?

A 120 Inch Table Runner is a piece of cloth in the style of a tablecloth. But unlike these is not only used to place glasses, plates and other items that allow us to eat or dine.

Dining Table Runner
Dining Table Runner

But in fact, it is also an element with the one that decorates the dining room table even when it’s being used. Use table runners to decorate the tables accompanied by an individual for dinner.

You will create gala environments in a simple way at the table in any type of celebration. Accompany the 120 Inch Table Runner and the individual ones of a centerpiece of the table and of the decorative piece and you will have an elegant table.

They are suitable for the table cover, such as a tea table, dining table, TV cabinet, wardrobe, shoe rack, ideal for home, hotel, cafe, restaurant, etc.

All in all, a 120 Inch Table Runner is very elegant with excellent finishes, being spectacular on the table, giving a touch of distinction, color, and life.