What do you need to explore about Exposed Shower System?

Shower is considered as one of the most important parts and aspects of your bathroom without any shadow of doubt. This is why you are always supposed to install some good shower in your bathroom for your convenience. Nowadays there are more types of showers than you think. Exposed Shower System has really become a popular type in recent times. This kind of shower adds elegance, styles and aesthetic value to your bathroom in the best way possible. On the other hand, its functionalities are known to be tremendously good.

Antique Brass Exposed Shower System

Pros and cons of Exposed Shower System

There are both pros and cons of Exposed Shower System seen. There are so many reasons for you to go for this shower that will perfectly suit your bathroom.

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  • Exposed Shower System is basically designed with such piping that runs from handles to shower or the bath head. There are some prominent features and characteristics that bring some elegance and stylish look to your bathroom.
  • The first and foremost benefit of Exposed Shower System is that it has relatively short installation time. It is because you are not supposed to install all the complicated plumbing behind wall; the whole job will be done quickly. On the other hand, if you go for other types of shower then it will surely take some time for you to install the shower.
  • On the other hand, the repairing and maintenance process is also comparatively easy. It is because it is quite easy to get the access to pipes of this shower making the repairing process quite easy and efficient. It is also there to make replacement of system or pipe easier as well as reduces chance of having to knock a hole or tear out the wall.
  • The effective design and style enhances the look of your bathroom manifold. You are not supposed to find a better shower option as far as the aesthetic aspect is concerned. The modern sleek design makes the whole thing quite attractive and unique and it perfectly suits your bathroom.

Exposed Shower System

An exposed shower system is a type of shower system where the piping and hardware that supply the water to the showerhead are visible and mounted on the wall, rather than being concealed within the wall. Exposed shower systems are often preferred for their aesthetic appeal and ease of installation, as they don’t require any modifications to the plumbing behind the wall.

Exposed shower systems typically consist of a showerhead, a mixing valve or thermostatic valve, and a diverter valve that allows the user to switch between the showerhead and other fixtures such as a handheld showerhead or bathtub spout. The hardware and piping are typically made from metal and can come in a variety of finishes, such as chrome, brushed nickel, or oil-rubbed bronze, to match the bathroom decor.

One of the advantages of an exposed shower system is that it allows for easy access to the valves and piping in case of any maintenance or repair needs. Additionally, exposed shower systems can often be adjusted to accommodate different heights, making them a popular choice for households with individuals of varying heights.

However, one potential drawback of an exposed shower system is that the piping and hardware can be prone to corrosion or damage if not properly maintained. Additionally, some users may find the visible piping and hardware less visually appealing than a concealed system.

Exposed Pipe Shower System Selection

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One advantage of BathSelect exposed shower system is that it is easier to install and repair than a concealed system and this would be general for these types …