Pendulum Wall Clock – Types that You Can Buy

Pendulum clocks are great decorative accessories to hang on walls, and these help show the time as well as make aesthetic decoration in rooms. It was in the year 1640 that Galileo, the famous astronomer, designed the first ever pendulum clock. When the first wall clocks began to be used about 1656, they were known as ‘wags-on-the-wall’ as these were mounted on a high spot on walls to have enough space for the longer pendulums that they came with. Pendulum clocks can be found even today – and these continue to be very popular. These come in various types, styles, sizes and shapes. Know about some of the common pendulum wall clock types to buy.

Character clocks
These are great to hang on walls of children, such as baby boys or girls. Manufacturers use the images of animals like kitten, pigs and bear. Such animals are often in the form of cartoon characters. Kids like to look at them while they are trying to sleep. These types of clocks come with a small diameter and can work as fantastic birthday gifts. Baby girls like kitty clocks whereas baby boys love bear clocks. The Alice in Wonderland wall clock is a wonderful option for girls. It comes with a cute graphic design, pink details and a pendulum. On the other hand, boys like the Bear Scouts pendulum wall clock.

Vintage Wall Clock

Grandfather clocks
Such clocks are also referred to by other names, such as “Floor clocks”, “Long-Case clocks” and “Tall Case clocks”. These are freestanding and weight-driven in form, and also consist of a cabinet that can be extremely assistive for home decor. Such clocks used to be very tall, such as 6 – 8 feet, and typically came with bonnets having intricate designs. This formed the hood around the face of the clock. Grandfather clocks are of 2 types, the Bornholm clock and the Comtoise clock. The shape of their cases or towers was the main point of difference between the two clocks. The towers consist of the clock’s suspending wire, the bob and the pendulum. The modern Grandfather Pendulum wall clock is smaller in shape, and can fit almost any home.

Large wall clocks
These can add to any room decor and make fantastic statements. Such time pieces are beautiful and functional and can make beautiful accessories for your lobby, office or home space. The latest large wall clocks are made of many varied materials such as laser cut fiberboard of high density, wood, plastic, glass and metal.

Silent Pendulum Wall Clock

Metal clocks
If you have the budget, go for gold and silver pendulum wall clock – which can be beautiful additions to any elegant dining room. If you have plenty of antique objects in your house, go for a clock constructed out of distressed wood. This will match all the antique furniture objects in your home. A traditional and old fashioned pendulum clock with melodic chimes and a swinging pendulum will make a nostalgic addition to your house. It will remember you of the times that have gone by.

Pendulum Wall Clock | Howard Miller, Hermle, Bulova

Clock Shops

Pendulum wall clock from leading clockmakers such as Bradford Clocks, Bulova, Howard Miller, Hermle, and Kieninger.