Lace Table Runners make an exquisite choice of fabric that is light weight

Looking for an elegant super table runner, but do not wish to have any heavy fabric, consider lace table runners. They make an exquisite choice and are perfect for any place. These are ideal for special occasions such as elegant weddings. They also come in crocheted or traditional styles, appearing light and look sublime even on a stunning wooden table.

How to use table runners

Using table runners or any other table linen depends on your choice as there are no recommended rules. You may consider table runners as a tool so that it anchors your table such that the centerpiece and other table linens together offer a cohesive look.

For anniversaries, weddings, banquets, company parties, or any type of casual, formal or dinner event, adding the table runners over a patterned table cloth or solid colored cloth truly enhances the overall style and look.

Using Table Runners:

Why to use: A table runner adds texture, color, and interest to your table and forms the foundation of a table decor. Table runners also safeguard your table from damage and spills that may be caused by dripping candle wax and hot pans.

When to use: Table runners are ideal for daily use and suit special occasions offering a refined touch. Lace table runners promote the tablescape in a dramatic or subtle way based on the texture and color you choose. If you wish to enjoy a festive feel in the holidays, consider a seasonally or holiday themed table runner. If you wish to change your room appeal, consider buying new lace table runners such that you mix the right things up.

Which type: Certain textures and fabrics highlight specific mood. Especially special events and weddings are good with satin, silk, organza or polyester, to offer smooth, shiny surfaces. You can consider cotton, twill, and bamboo table runners for casual use. A popular choice is to evoke a rustic, charming feel.

How to Choose Table Runner

Table runners usually come in 10 to 15 inches wide and the standard lengths are from 36 to 108 inches long. The table runner width should be one-third approximately the table width and it allows around 6 inches over each end to hang. The table runner may hang at each end, but take care to see that it is not lower than the tablecloth in case you are layering the linens.

Floral lace table runners

Tips to use a table runner

Traditionally, lace table runners are placed down the table center or are layered on a tablecloth top. However, using a table runner includes a myriad of ways. Here are some of the favorites:

  • Position the table runners cross the table width, so that it creates a placemat type effect connecting guests.
  • Place in “X” formation the table runners across round table.
  • Use shorter table runner at the table center in informal table setting so that it highlights a centerpiece.
  • Use lace table runners on a credenza to get a vintage look, even a shabby-chic look will look appealing.