How To Buy Bathroom Soap Dish

You may be of the idea that the simplest thing to do is to purchase bathroom soap dish but that may not be the case. This is because there are diverse options especially if you are not conscious of such aspects as color, material needed, bathroom decor, location as well as soap dish shape prior to going to the market. Keep reading to understand how to buy bathroom soap dish.

Match your bathroom style
It is not all about buying a soap dish just for the sake of it with the old and strongly held ideology that “after all they all serve the same purpose” If this is what you are thinking, you are very wrong. Soap dish is not good enough if it doesn’t match your bathroom type and style. Your romantic bathroom would look much better with ceramic soap dish while a bathroom with fun style having kitschy retro or pop art design would match with fun shaped or character soap dish. Oh! By the way .., is your bathroom contemporary style or just modern? Well, what of a bamboo soap dish that would be just great!

Soap Dish Color
Now that you already have the best style that correlates with your bathroom, don’t forget about the color. Your bathroom design should match with the color of your preferred soap dish. Most popular soap dishes in the market today are silver soap dishes, which would not match with a bathroom featured by bronze or gold finishes. If your bathroom is colorful, don’t hesitate going for a colorful bathroom soap dish. Think of a case where your bathroom or entire room is pastel and there you are buying a neon soap dish. How on earth do you expect the two to blend? It is not like am insisting on you buying a soap dish that has the exact color of your room but at least the selected color should feature your home/ bathroom taste.

Where do you plan placing your new soap dish? For instance a soap dish that stands on its own can be easily placed on your bathroom`s edge bathtub or bathroom counter. If you wish to place your bathroom on the wall, you have to go for a soap dish that suction to your wall as they are a great fit to a shower or tub. Alternatively, you can consider a wall mount soap dish though it may need essential handyman skills. It is available in higher-end styles as well as finishes.

Brass Wall Mounted Shower Soap Dish

Soap dish shape
If you need satisfying as well as long lasting soap dish, you have to consider a soap dish shape before selecting one. While most people disregard the fact in the name it is not important, it is such a crucial part of the buying decision given that the shape determines the soap dish drainage. Bumps or raised ridges are a good option as they properly allow your soap to dry without necessarily resting on the water. A mushy soap is the last thing everyone would ever ask for. Again, mounted soap dish in your shower or tub slightly tilted provides needed drainage. An entirely flat bathroom soap dish (Homerises) that has no zero angling, leverage & no drainage isn’t worth your money. You should only go for such if your main reason for buying it is bathroom decor purposes.

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